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Intuit is all about your Accounting Needs. Intuit Inc. The company that revolutionized how people manage their small business finances….

intuit -Quicken TaxesGet Intuit For Your Accounting Needs!

   Intuit Inc. The company that revolutionized how people manage their small business finances! The creator of both TurboTax and Quicken. Today they are the leader when it comes to providing award-winning product and services. Taxes are not the most popular topic with us, but with Intuit products, the pain is somewhat eased.

    Tax season is when Intuit software becomes the hero of the day. Most likely, you’re the single or joint filer that’s looking for help. You might be running a corporation or another type entity on estimated tax payments. Maybe it’s the quarterly calculations you get all tied over. And then there’s the September bill to plan for. QuickBooks Online is simple to start. The essentials and plus features are easy to set up, learn, and use. And the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL makes it even easier to try.

    QuickBooks looks more like the bonus that unexpectedly shows up in the mail in the form of both time and money. But although you can quicken your way to tax records, this software is about much more than just taxes. E-commerce and other business solutions depend on QuickBooks today more than ever before.

    Founded nearly thirty years ago in 1983, Intuit Inc. began as a single software product that simply helped balance the family checkbook known only as Quicken Personal Finance Software. Three decades later, they employ over 8,000 people with annual revenue of $3.9 billion. Up from $3.5 billion the previous year, the company claims an estimated 50 million lives have improved through the use of this proprietary developed software in one way or another.

    Located in Mountain View, California, Intuit Inc. went public in 1993 and is traded under the NASDAQ symbol INTU. Fiscal year 2011 reports show a GAAP* net income of $634 million with an operating income of $1.07 billion and has grown at a compounded rate of 12% over the last five years. Their Non-GAAP* net income reports $798 million with an operating income of $1.25 billion.

    Perfecting solutions and delighting the customer is the underlining motivation of Intuit Inc. They continue to be creative with the changing times. Their three flagship products are TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks, each of which have made Intuit a staple of small business America as well as a household name among nearly every self-preparing tax payer.

    Intuit Inc. is not limited to just accounting. Intuit software provides a full array of business resources with an expanded portfolio serving areas like;

    • Enabling secure communication between patients and their doctors through Intuit’s Health Patient Portal.
    • Helping people manage every day finances to reach savings goals by bringing financial accounts together via online or mobile device is a focus with Intuit.
    • Providing over 400,000 farmers with critical up-to-date information at helping them get the best price for their crops.

       Simply naming a few demonstrates the innovation of Intuit Inc. at improving other aspects of living. These solutions to challenges reach beyond the North American continent. Creating a customer base internationally such as in Europe and Asia is why Intuit is on the map to stay!

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