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Its no surprise that three of the four new courses most recently announced by ed2go are all about gaining the skills and knowledge to becoming a hands-on internet participant.

    ed2go Popular Online Courses Spring Forward

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ed2go popular online courses continue to expand it’s already stellar choices of curriculum! And new options continue to be added! Let’s take a look at some of the ed2go most popular choices.

Get Creative

Starting with Creating Mobile Apps with HTML, this course stands among the ed2go popular online courses. Why? Because it offers a better way to build apps! And you won’t need to learn five different programming languages. You’ll learn HTML5, JavaScript, how to create mobile mash-ups, and more. With smart phones taking the web by storm, creating mobile apps running on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry are in demand at an increasing rate. 

   With massive growth of the internet, an ever-increasing number of people, businesses and internet explorers are taking it to the limit. Creating Web Pages is among ed2go popular online courses because it’s a course that gives you the essential building blocks to create and post your own website using HTML coding. The course focuses on learning about the capabilities of the world-wide web and fundamentals of designing your own site. You’ll also learn how to place your site in search engine listings as well as low-to-no-cost web marketing strategies. The lifeblood of any website.

   The new courses fill an essential need to know for those who wish to be a hands-on internet participant. You may be an aspiring writer looking at marketing books or creating your own e-book. With the development of e-readers like Kindle and Nook®, e-books have become one of the fastest growing segments of consumers today. It may even be the local small business owner who wants to take charge at a more personal level. Maybe it’s about learning something like getting traffic to their place of business.

Gaining Skills & Knowledge

   First of all, it’s no surprise that three of the four new courses most recently announced by ed2go are all about gaining the skills and knowledge to becoming a hands-on internet participant. Courses covering topics like getting introduced to basics or learning how to publish and sell your e-books are all about creating one’s presence on the cyberspace network. One of the best conveniences listed on each ed2go course syllabus is a list of related courses. Courses that would enhance and solidify other courses you may have already taken or plan to take. It’s sort of a guide as to where to go next in the learning progression within the topic. They offer a suggested path to follow if you so choose to pursue further study in a specific field of study.

Launch a Writing Career!

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   How to Make Money from Your Writing is another course among ed2go popular online courses. The course title is nearly self-explanatory. For someone who has always wanted to write, this course offers you a great start. The instructor will demystify the writing process, breaking it down to simplicity while helping you launch your creative side. You’ll spend more time writing than reading. The exciting and challenging instruction, enhanced by expert advice and enjoyable writing exercises, makes this course among ed2go popular online courses.

   If you have ever considered exploring a career in medical coding, welcome to another course. One more among the ed2go popular online courses! A career as a medical coder can be lucrative. This course will prepare you for work in almost any medical field. Clinics, hospitals, labs, nursing homes, or even insurance agencies. Issues like surgical procedures, diseases, and treatment requirements often require medical coding. Coding is also essential for monitoring conditions that are vital along the process of needed medical services for the patient. This can be a turn-key career course, placing it among ed2go popular online course. And you can study from the comfort of your own home!


   In conclusion, these subjects are but a few of the top 25 popular online courses offered through your local Community College, major College or University where you will experience expert instructor led interaction. You’ll experience engaging student discussions within the course of study. You can start any time, whether you choose an online course or an online career training program. After reading the full review, you’ll find that each course is designed to enable you to go at your own pace. You can review the entire ed2go Course Catalog covering various topics offered through ed2go.

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