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Erase iPhone Data Completely and Keep Your Identity from Thieves. Erase iPhone or any iDevice data to defend against losing your identity..

Erase iPhone Data Completely -EraseErase iPhone Data and Keep Your Identity from Thieves

   Erase iPhone data (or any iDevice data) to defend against losing your identity! Protecting your personal information from retrieval on an old iPhone you’re thinking of selling or donating to a good cause just got simple! SafeEraser provides a great solution for keeping your identity from becoming another statistic by ensuring to erase iPhone data that could most likely end up in the hands of a total stranger.

   Identity theft is on the rise. But you have that iDevice you’ve long since replaced sitting in your drawer. Not sure what you can do about protecting the data of personal information it holds. Now there’s a simple solution to erase iPhone data on that iPhone, or any other iDevice, keeping your identity from would-be thieves.

   Wondershare, a worldwide consumer software provider and servicing company with over 3,000,000 customers, has the solution to safely erase iPhone data, leaving no effect on your device’s OS! By selecting the ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE feature, SafeEraser restores your device back to its factory settings. Without having to reinstall the OS for your device. When you erase iPhone data, no one knows you’ve erased anything at all! And the data is deemed unrecoverable, meeting the U.S. DOD 5220-22M security standards. ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE is a stand alone SafeEraser feature. However, as of the date of this posting, this is soon to change. It gets even better!

   SafeEraser will also give you the option to erase iPhone data limited to only your deleted call logs and SMS, and deleted pictures and videos. The ERASE DELETED FILES option does not affect the data on your device you wish to keep intact. But once these deleted files are erased, just as cleanly as if you were to erase all data, these deleted call logs, messages, pictures and videos are made unrecoverable. The slate is cleaned as if they had never previously existed on your device at all.

Erase iPhone Data -Clean Slate   Once you have completed the process to erase iPhone data, it’s as if you have a totally new device. If you had chosen to back it up on your computer before selecting to erase all data, you could now choose to restore it back onto your (new) iPhone from iTunes / iCloud backup. If there’s any data among your backup that you do not want restored onto your iPhone, don’t restore that stuff! The “stuff” you intended to wipe clean, if it is present in your backup file, normally re-appears when you do a restore. But not with SafeEraser!

   The overall beauty of SafeErase is that you now have the means to truly start from scratch. To take your device and make it new! Along the way, you have choices as to the security levels to erase iPhone data. You can overwrite all your data with zeros, overwrite your device with junk files, or choose the ultimate and completely erase all data for more secure and confidential destruction of any trace of data whatsoever.

   As with almost every software product, Wondershare offers a free trial to test SafeEraser so you can see for yourself how efficient this software is to erase iPhone data before you make a purchase.

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