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Credit Card Processing_Intuit GoPaymentCredit Card Processing Anywhere, Anytime On The Go!

   Credit Card processing any time, any place is what Intuit Gopayment is all about! Intuit Gopayment is becoming the choice for many merchants who are looking for an effective way to process that major credit card purchase on the go!

   As taught by Intuit on how to start your own business, the convenience of credit card processing any time and from any place cannot be understated to the business manager who handles the task of providing ways for customers to pay for product and services.

   Not having the capacity for a business on the go to be able to accept the customer’s credit card could mean the difference between repeat business or not. Often, what most merchant’s overlook is the fact of “convenience” that credit card processing offers the retail customer. Not every off-location customer will pay in cash or check. For some business categories, this isn’t much of an issue. But for most, statistically speaking, it is!

   Take the free-lance beautician who goes to the client’s home, for example. With the established repeating customer, they are ready to pay for services as they have always done before. But for the new, maybe first-time appointment customer, not being able to accept that new customer’s preference of payment via a credit card may cause that same customer to use another in-home beautician the next time who does offer the convenience of credit card processing. Thus, the first-call beautician will likely not see the repeat business from that same customer. Not because they didn’t like the results of the beauty technician’s skill, but because of simply the convenience of paying by credit card is made available by a competitor.

   Let’s say you’re a merchant at your local Saturday market. Can you count the number of sales that didn’t happen simply because the convenience of using a credit card was not offered? Probably not! But you can be assured, chances are pretty good you lost plenty of transactions to the booth offering the same product, but with the convenience of credit card processing.

   Simply stated, with Intuit Gopayment, you’ll never miss a sale because you’ll be able to accept credit cards anywhere! With multiple user ability, encrypted, secure card reader syncs with QuickBooks. These are but a few reasons to consider Intuit GoPayment as your solution to credit card processing any time, any place. Never Miss a Sale. Get Intuit Gopayment and Accept Credit Cards Anywhere on Your Mobile Device. A free reader is included.

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