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Learning Methods | Changing Educational Technique

Learning methods or “methodology” changes have come along with technological development. Student learning techniques must adjust with evolving resources.

   Learning Methods - Guided Reading CoursesLearning Methods Forcing Changes Among Educators

   When discussing the topic of Learning methods, opinions are never outnumbered by the size of the discussion group. I am sure this truth will not change because of this article.

    Without question, the system in which students in America are learning is changing. The teaching methods of old are under pressure to change with the changing times. The new age of computer technology ushering in tools like the laptop, smart phone, e-reader, and iPad has placed this issue on another level. Today, your child can be learning a new language using educational tools like Pimsleur, a browser-based software. The debate over the need of re-defining education is about to go viral.

Issues To Think About

  • Learning methods today require acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, and values that may involve synthesizing different types of information.
  • Learning is not compulsory; it is contextual. it does not happen all at once. Learning builds upon and is shaped by what we already know1.

    First of all, programs like ed2go is a great example of an online occupational learning resource. Not limited to specific fields, ed2go specializes in offering a wide category of learning subjects ranging from teaching students with learning disabilities to learning how to write young adult fiction -and just about everything in between.

    Online grammar assistance programs are another example of how learning methods as an entire system is in transition. Today a student can get online and have an application check and re-check his or her writing through a downloaded program. Finally, we must acknowledge that there are critics on both sides of this issue. One side claiming students will suffer because of the lack of writing skills required on their own. The other side claims progress. Some will even argue that offering suggestions on how to make the paper better in various ways can be a learning experience in itself. It often turns out that the review experience is an effective learning experience with its own merits.


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