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Early Learning Advantages Cannot be Ignored

Early Learning Yields Advantages Later On

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Early learning advantages simply can’t be ignored. Especially in a society where an alarming increase in under-educated youth prepare to enter the real world. Research shows that children who were exposed to high quality education at an early age experience significant long-term benefits.

Earning power is the least, and most often overlooked benefit of being exposed to a quality early learning curriculum! Research shows that people who experienced a quality preschool program earn as much as $2,000 more per month than those who did not. This same group of people tend to have longer marriages and own their own home. Not to mention the higher high school graduation rate among this group as well. Individuals with an early learning experience are less likely to repeat grades. They are more likely to be law-abiding citizens and less likely to need any special education or remedial instruction.

Online Learning Resources

Courses like what are offered through Udemy, ed2go, or 360Training are all good and well for online professional training. But what will enhance the student’s learning ability at taking advantage of these types of online courses later in life is establishing a foundation for learning that comes from early learning curriculum for one grade or another. Early learning curriculum providers like provide parents with the tools that are necessary to inspire young children to not only learn, but to have fun while learning as well. ABCmouse offers over 800 lessons and more than 8,500 individual learning activities. These activities are effective at motivating a young child to continue learning through a tickets and rewards system.

Another great early learning system focusing on reading skills is the online phonics program that kids love. Reading Eggs is based on solid scientific research and is used by over 10 million children. This early childhood reading program has shown to improve reading skills by over 90%. A statistic based on the parental feedback that Reading Eggs has received back over the years.

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