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Stopping Spammers _Stop-SPAM-image retrieved 04.12.2018__   You could probably find dozens of articles on stopping spammers. My focus here is not to sell you on any thing. But rather to offer you simple, free and practical ways to not only stopping spammers from hitting your site, but turning your efforts of stopping spammers into an engaging “fighting back” approach at stopping spam.

The True Meaning of Things

   What do I mean? Well, for those of you who’ve been around the block more than a few times too many on this issue, this will probably be old school. But if you came to this page because you’re frustrated with spammers, you might come away with an enlightened approach to getting a grip on it and finally taking control of this maddening occurrence.

   This page you’re presently viewing is a WordPress site. I will not attempt to discuss others out there. I will only directly address stopping spammers on a WordPress site since that’s where my experience comes from. But whether it’s Blogger or any other blog publishing service, many plugin solutions do exist. Let me talk to you about one specific free plugin.


   For WordPress users, consider the Stop Spammer Registrations plugin. Consider it even if you’re not a WordPress user. Simply go to the site! Read the reviews on how this plugin works at stopping spammers dead in their tracks. The general information you’ll gain may lead you to the source you’re looking for.

   Whether you choose to use this plugin or not, let me suggest that you go ahead and register in the three most important sites suggested by the plugin developer. By doing so, you will be given free access to using each site’s verification system by a simple copy and paste of the suspected IP, user name, email, or domain (that has shown up on your site) into the three given sites’ search engines that will appear on your dashboard upon login. Continue Reading

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A free-lance writer, the author is an FAA Licensed Private Pilot. He received his first Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cal State University, Northridge. He was inducted into both the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society while pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Science at Utah Valley University. He's a traveler and a consumer who enjoys fly fishing, cycling, sailing, snowboarding, and golf on any other day. His writing offers briefings, advisories, alerts, and checklists for online shoppers.

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