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If you have not previously thought of pure water as a critical factor for healthy hair, skin, or teeth and gum health, maybe this is the moment you start thinking in that direction.

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   It’s simple and easy to install a water filter system for your home! The options? Well, there’s the full-blown water filter system treatment. These systems take up bulky space in the basement. This often means occupying valuable water heater room space. These systems can cost upwards from $1,500, reaching up to $5,000 or more. But a water filter system producing purified water for drinking, showering, and cooking does not have to cost you!

   Now you can keep that chunk of savings you’ve tucked away for a cloudy day. Aquasana home water filter system options have simplified the concept of what a water filtration system is all about. Without question, the simplification that Aquasana has whittled it down to has come from years of high-tech research. Studies performed by leading scientists, researchers, and creative engineers. They had only one goal in mind: to deliver pure drinking water coming from the tap at your kitchen sink!

   The ordinary water filter system uses gravity, trickling water through charcoal filaments. This old-school method typically only remove a small percentage of the total contaminants. This means that you’re still drinking more than your share of contaminants. That’s not good for your long-term health!

   Providing certified and award-winning products, Texas-based Aquasana promotes “‘whole body’ health wellness.” As a leader in water filter system development, Aquasana delivers proven effective results at delivering a pure and healthy water supply throughout the home.

   From the basic countertop water filter at your tap to the 1,000,000 gallon Whole House Water Filter, the Aquasana product line covers it all! Providing pure, healthy water for every household need, Health Magazine listed Aquasana among America’s Healthiest Gadgets in 2011.

   Considering pure water as a critical building block for healthy hair, skin, or teeth is critical. Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water. Our bodily chemistry is designed to run primarily on water and minerals. The purity level of the water we take into our system is the foundation from where the level of our physical (and emotional) health is derived. But the water source we use for cooking, showering, and drinking is easily contaminated.

   Organic water contaminants like trichloroethane or dichloroethylene (industrial solvents) are all too often in the mix. Also, herbicides like alachlor or atrazine don’t help either. Furthermore, inorganic contaminants like arsenic, asbestos, and beryllium easily seep into the water supply as well. And radionuclides like alpha and betta particles and photon emitters offer no health benefits either. Other radionuclides like radium and uranium do what they sound like they do. Then add to those the microorganisms like viruses, cysts, coliforms, and legionella that can cause real havoc with your immune system. The list can go on, seemingly without end. There wouldn’t be enough reading time in your day to list each and every contaminant.

  Therefore, we should not take drinking contaminated water lightly. Most people in industrialized countries are drinking contaminated water as you read this. We are not considering the effects it may be having on our physical health.

   Finally, drinking contaminated water can hinder the treatment of joint ailments like inflammation due to arthritis. In addition, just as parasites in your drinking water can bring on stomach aches, diarrhea, and plenty of other digestive disorders, contaminated water can promote inflammation which is the body’s reaction to consuming chemicals, artificial additives, preservatives, and irradiated salt. These water contaminants are just a small part of a long and dreary list.

   In other words, the purity of the water you drink has either positive or negative long-lasting results in the way your body is able to perform! Even dieting successfully depends on water purity!


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