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Merchant Services Payment Methods Evolve with Technology

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   Consumers are about to realize changes in the way they complete their purchase at the point of sale transaction as merchant services payment methods evolve with technology. Technology that provides greater consumer convenience and, a higher level of personal security.

   ApplePay is here! NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is here! And EMV is closing in on replacing the present swipe reader. These are some of the coming new options consumers will experience as technology searches for ways at keeping customer information secure at the point of sale.

Transaction Security Concerns

   As media reports of stolen account information seem to be on the rise, merchant services payment methods evolve in an attempt at keeping one step ahead of it. A cyberspace hacker ends up selling consumer information over the internet to whomever is willing to buy it. The buyer then produces a fraudulent credit or debit card. This duplicate card gets the thief into a given account. This simple process is what’s driving the madness from whence merchant services payment methods evolve.

   While online security programs like AVG internet security products running on over 110 million computers worldwide help keep us safe while shopping online, merchant services payment methods evolve with Apple. By most accounts, Apple Inc. has probably created one of the best Apple products to date; ApplePay! iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus owners can start using ApplePay by simply opening the Passbook app. The customer simply swipes over the merchant’s terminal. The iPhone user pays for the purchase using the credit card the user already has on file with Apple. In other words, the merchant never engages with the customer’s credit card to complete the sale transaction.

   What does this mean to the consumer? A higher level of personal security! From the merchant’s point of view, they are kept safe from any possible liability since they never see, receive, nor given the opportunity to store any consumer credit card information whatsoever. For both the merchant and the consumer, this speaks loudly why merchant services payment methods evolve.

High Tech Evolution Continues

   ApplePay is not only faster than swiping a credit card, it’s also much more secure! The risk of a devious worker copying account information from the card is completely thwarted since no credit card is ever handed over! Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is based on the same concept, allowing Android users the same security through a similar method. These payment methods prevent some hacker hanging out in the parking lot from picking up card banking information as reported by CBS’ 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl’s Hi-Tech Heist –War Drivers.

   For those customers who have neither a iPhone or an android smart phone who still need to complete their purchase by handing over their credit card, EMV will replace the swipe method presently used on merchant card payment processing terminals. The card is inserted into a card chip reader at the front end of EMV capable terminals.


   In conclusion, here lies the catch in all this. As merchant service payment methods evolve, merchants must keep up to date with terminal changes as well. Today merchants require the newest Contact-less/NFC capable card processing terminal or Point of Sale system. Harbortouch merchants use the Verifone VX 520 developed to provide EMV, NFC, and ApplePay ability. Merchants are able to get free terminal equipment as a Harbortouch merchant client. Details can be found at

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