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Email Scam Fictional Truths | Review

   The answer is simple. Because this email scam is what you’re buying! If the email scam sender is making any money at all, it happens when you become the next sucker for making that small (maybe insignificant amount) purchase for that money-making program that’s about as effective as the next scam email artist can make it- and even that takes work!

   The real story behind the purpose of this type of email scam is to get you to give them your email so others, just like them, can hit you again with the latest scam. Since you were suckered into at least one of these deals, you’ll soon find plenty more to follow. Over and over again!

Legitimate Home-Based Business Opportunities

   Valid, legitimate home-based business opportunities, whether it’s on the internet or selling crafts from home, can be learned in your spare time. Knowledge is power. To get the power over your situation, knowledge as to how to go about it must be part of the solution.

   If you’re serious about creating a legitimate home-based income, there are several valid resources to pull from without resorting to wasting your time and money replying to an email scam. Online courses like learning how to start a pet sitting business, becoming a grant writing consultant, creating a gift basket or arts and crafts business, or simply learning the ins and outs of starting and operating your own home-based business in general.

   If you’re looking for publication resources to help kick-start an income creating idea, there is plenty to be found on the web through simply searching by topic of interest.

Beware of Fake Anything!

   A few last tips:

    • Do not be fooled by the email that flashes fake cash, fake airplanes, or fake mansions boasted by fake actors that claim fake riches gained by promoting fake products! Don’t be that guy (or gal)!
    • Don’t necessarily trust that online review you came up with on a search engine that claims that this or that is a “trusted” source. Whatever it is they may be scamming while screaming “scam” on their competition may simply be a cover. A cover at getting you to follow through with that impulsive purchase you almost made. The one before you began doing the search in the first place. Of course, if you don’t quite buy that one, they’ll offer a link to “other” options. Options that are also “trusted”… by them.
    • Finally, if you have a web site, stop the spammers by deploying a few suggestions! This will help put an end to spammer annoyances before they get started.

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