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Phone Scams | Methodology Of Attack

Phone Scams Prey On Emotion!

Phone Scams _WARNING!Phone scams are a thing of the past, and of the present…and of the future too! Sadly, as long as there is money to be gained from those who are foolish enough to fall for one, phone scams are here to stay.

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Boycott Autism Speaks | Why? | Perspective

Boycott Autism Speaks -Don't Speak For MeBoycott Autism Speaks Loudly!

   There is a trend to boycott Autism Speaks. The question is why? Why boycott Autism Speaks when it seems to at least on the surface provide support for such a heart touching issue?

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Duping Social Media | Fake Likes & Follows

Duping Social Media -Like Us On FacebookDuping Social Media with Phony Clicks

    Duping social media has hit its peak! Maybe, not yet. Turns out, duping social media is a highly profitable scam. It isn’t enough that online consumers are getting duped into buying the more inferior product or service after reading the litany of bogus reviews put out by those touting their own product.

Online Scams

Email Scam Fictional Truths | Review

 Email Scam Content Sells Fictional Truths

Email Scam -Thief Coming At Ya- Laptop

With the advancements of internet communication, an increase in email scam is inevitable! I guess it comes with the territory of exploring all the internet has to offer. But too many “surfers” end up getting taken for a financial ride.

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Guru Scamming | Gimmick Marketing | Review

   Guru Scamming Takes Center Stage   Guru Scamming Online -Dollar Signs     

   Guru scamming and gimmick marketing seems to be here to stay, at least for a while. With legitimate ways on how to get a home based business going online, I’m not saying that all of them are scams or gimmicks.

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Bogus Review FTC Crackdown | Perspective

    Bogus Review _Email Scam -Rip Offs  Bogus Review Crackdown Appearance

       The FTC [Federal Trade Commission] Bogus Review Crackdown seems to be in full swing. If you have paid much attention at all, by now it’s most certainly likely you are fully aware of the FTC’s bogus review crackdown on vendor websites that use false reviews, testimonials or endorsements coming at us in various form. All in an effort at selling us something that doesn’t, nor will ever, produce the results for which you, the consumer was hoping for.  

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Guru Marketing | Scams Online

Guru Marketing Scams Clutter Internet Shopping

Guru Marketing Scams

So here’s a perspective on assumed guru marketing scams; they all have something to sell you! From a shopper’s perspective, all self-proclaimed internet guru marketers want to sell you something that benefits only themselves in one way or another.