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Green Tea Extract | How To Enjoy Its Health Benefits

Green tea extract is available in various forms for consumption. The most common way to enjoy any tea is in the loose-leaf form. But potency can easily be managed by taking supplement forms.

Green Tea Extract Benefits Can Be Enjoyable!

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Green tea extract can come from various sources. Extract taken directly from the leaf form can be the most potent and most effective. The health benefits of any tea extract taken from any form are many. But green tea lovers and advocates will swear by its benefits. Benefits that have largely promoted this herb in today’s health world. But some of these benefits are less discussed as a headliner for the product.

Green tea extract taken directly from the leaf (Camellia sinensis) form is often a supporting ingredient in many health products on the market today. Hair restoration products are major users of green tea extract. The extract has been shown to play a major role in stimulating hair growth because of its polyphenols, Vitamin E and Vitamin C levels. This is the primary reason that so many shampoos and conditioners contain green tea extract in the ingredients. Through various studies, it’s believed that the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea is linked to hair growth. That said, it’s not a magical cure for hair loss. There are genetic factors of hair loss that need to be considered as well.

Other Common Uses

Green Tea Extract _Body Lotion_Rejuvenex_LifeExtentionsOther common uses of green tea extract include products like eye gel and body lotions. The use of the extract for skin care is very common and in high demand. There are enough scientific studies that show green tea extract to be effective at helping the body to protect against free radical damage. Green tea antioxidants support immune system function in many ways.

Tea Extract Various Forms

Green tea extract is available in various forms for consumption. The most common way to enjoy any tea is in the loose-leaf form. To be sure, various supplement forms can easily manage potency intake. TheĀ powder form can be added to a smoothie or simply added to water or juice. But taking the extract in liquid form is most likely to make sure potency as labeled. Since liquid is higher in concentration, it’s usually priced a bit higher than other forms. Cap form is, on average, the least expensive. This is because assimilation into the blood stream is potentially less effective as compared to liquid.

Polyphenols are stress-inhibitors! Stress plays a major role in cardiovascular health, weight-gain, hair loss, and inflammation. Inflammation in particular can cause havoc with arthritic patients. Green tea can inhibit what is known as DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT can interfere with hair growth while also causing hair fall.

While most people assimilate green tea with weight loss, bodybuilding benefits are also derived from the extract. It is a very effective fat burner. One that happens to be loaded with antioxidants. The side benefit of burning off fat is improving muscle mass. Because of this benefit, products that have been developed for the treatment of Gynacomastia like Gynexin contain this extract.

Finally, coffee lovers are known to be drawn to this leaf extract as an alternative to getting that caffeine fix for the day. Aside from the caffeine, there are antioxidants in green tea called catechins. Catechin is a molecule. It’s an unusual word that simply identifies the elements that help support cardiovascular health and fat burning. Catechin goes a long way in supporting the immune system as well.

Let’s Sum It Up!

In conclusion, there are enough epidemiological studies showing positive health benefits gained by adding this herbal extract to your daily food intake. However, it is also a common fact that every individual will react differently to the effects and benefits. Some will see no noticeable benefit at all. Others will swear by it. But to be sure, adding it to your daily diet can’t hurt!

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