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Rating ed2go Online Courses

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Rating ed2go as an online course provider is simple. All it takes is a quick review from reliable sources. Credible sources that are not hard to find.

The Negatives

It’s fair to note that about 10% of users have submitted a negative review with the BBB. The negative reviews can easily be equated with students missing deadlines or not clearly understanding what was to be expected of them as  outlined by the course syllabus. In other words, failing to meet course requirements paralleling the course calendar. Nearly all negative experiences can be avoided by taking the time to review the Student Agreement before making any decision to enroll in any ed2go course. This is a step ed2go emphasizes to each potential student.

Rating ed2go

The Better Business Bureau rates ed2go with an A+ overall rating. BBB reporting also shows a composite score of 4.87 out of 5 stars based on reviews from students who have actually taken online courses through ed2go.

Another resource you may want to review is our review of ed2go. You’ll find their own internal research results of what students are saying and thinking about ed2go as a whole.

Resume Enhancement

Any course offered through ed2go will expand your knowledge base. Even for those who come to ed2go who have previously completed higher education degree programs in a given field of study. Although a Degree listed on your résumé carries a lot of weight, often, potential employers like to see an applicant who continues to seek further educational study in a chosen profession. It’s recommended to list completed courses under a subtitle like “Relevant Coursework” along with any emphasis that may also apply. Make sure to highlight specific courses that apply to the job. Each certificate of completion displays the name of the college through which you took the ed2go course.


In conclusion, you can enroll through a local school by going to the site and selecting a course of interest. This step will verify to you that there is, indeed a college close to you that is associated with the ed2go program.

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