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Merchants will routinely or at least occasionally take their website temporarily offline for a number of reasons. Among the many possible reasons are; Page modifications, updating website advertisements,…

Temporarily Offline Redirect Explained

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   What does it mean when you find yourself redirected to a page that tells you the site is temporarily offline? If you have been redirected to this page, it is because the link connected to the merchant you were seeking is temporarily offline.

There is no need to be concerned. This merchant has chosen to make their website temporarily unavailable to the visiting public.

404 Page

   Some temporarily offline web links may redirect you to a 404 Page Not Found, 404 Missing Page, or some other 404 title. But this usually leaves the inquirer [you] with the impression that the site is simply gone. That may not be the case. However, a 404 could also show real technical problems that have forced the site temporarily offline. In that scenario, you can be assured that their IT team is working diligently to get it back online as soon as possible. A good example occurred on January 27, 2015 when Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder were all temporarily offline due to suspected hacking.

Reasons Why a Page Would Be Offline

   Merchants will routinely or at least occasionally take their website temporarily offline for a number of reasons. Among the many possible reasons are;

  • Page changes
  • Updating website advertisements
  • Editing illustration design
  • Server issues requiring temporarily offline status
  • Repair errors in the system
  • Scheduled systematic maintenance activity
  • Content and presentation tweaking is most-likely taking place.

   It allows for the web developer to change or edit content and presentation while shielding against the possibility of an internet surfer watching the changes occur. This is most commonly the case for newer sites where the developer is still in the learning curve process of needing tweaking to get it right or needing time to learning the newest software.

   If was temporarily offline for any maintenance or updating activity, you would not be reading this page now. Rather, you would have been redirected to a page indicating that Shopper’s Briefer was temporarily offline. The fact that you have arrived to this page should show to you that the specific link which normally takes you to a specific third-party website displayed on this site via either display or within blog content is temporarily offline at the present.

What It Doesn’t Mean

   Being offline for any length of time does not show that the merchant’s website is neither corrupt nor removed from a host, server, or anything else related to internet viability. Being redirected to this page simply means the merchant has freely chosen to make the site you seek unavailable for a short time until changes or adaptations are completed.

   Finally, rest assured, the merchant found at the other end of the link you clicked is valid and absolutely credible. You may Bookmark the previous page where you were redirected from to try to re-connect to that merchant’s site at a later time. Once the administrator has removed the site from a temporarily offline status, the link will re-activate to direct you straight to the site you are inquiring.

   A temporarily offline status is also used when the site administrator will be unable to actively work with the site for a time.

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