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Internet Guru marketing scam analysis. Self-proclaimed Gurus promote without integrity. Scams require critical skepticism, discernment.

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Guru Marketing Scams

So here’s a perspective on assumed guru marketing scams; they all have something to sell you! From a shopper’s perspective, all self-proclaimed internet guru marketers want to sell you something that benefits only themselves in one way or another.

     It could be about building a web site. It could be establishing PC Security. You might be searching for motivational or how-to books. It may be finding ways to monetize your site’s content. It might be web hosting or discovering the latest method of bringing traffic to a site. You might be thinking about securing a domain name, finding software that tackles your bookkeeping and payroll challenges, or helping you discover the ways to profitable blogging. But if you aren’t finding yourself clicking on to original product or service provider sites like you just did, then chances are pretty good you’re heading into a scam.

     From this shopper’s perspective, and probably yours as well, this site looks no different from the typical guru marketing scammer except for the fact that an internet guru marketing specialist I’m not!

     When you search reviews about this product or that, this software or that software, and you come up with screams of “this is a scam,” think why the so-called guru marketing geniuses are saying what they’re saying about the competition. Evaluate why they’re telling you what they are telling you! Consider these issues about any given particular product, software, or service you may be looking at;

     Stop and think about what their perspective is on the product or service you’re considering. Pay attention to the alternative the internet guru marketing agent subliminally places in front of you. Compare their product or service alternative to your own perspective on the choice you were about to make.

      Skepticism is absolutely required. Especially when dealing with purchasing online. But from this shopper’s own perspective, which comes from that sometimes evil word better known as “experience” I’ve made the purchase of one product or another only to find it was nowhere near what the critic’s review was telling me. I, too, have been scammed!

      Having made at least a few purchases that didn’t live up to expectations, I’m skeptical about any review that sounds too good to be true! The guru marketing genius would love to have you think the other guy’s product or service is a scam to either get or keep your business.

     Keep this in perspective; there is often misrepresentation on both sides of the fence; the guy you bought from and the guy who wants you to buy!

      When it comes to a buying decision (and there’s always a buying decision made from someone’s point of view) someone is always selling somebody on something. Nearly every time, a buying decision requires the selling party to change the perspective of the buying party. Simply stated, if you are the potential buyer, your perspective must be changed to relatively the same perspective of the seller. In other words, you’re being closed on the sale! Any good course in effective selling can give you a greater perspective on this.

      From that perspective, I don’t like to be closed! I suspect you’re not much different. So, from my perspective, I’m not going to tell you how great the offers on this site are [tongue-in-cheek], but I would suggest you don’t let the tyrant sales reps, the supposed internet guru marketing genius sway your buying decision.

     If what you’re comparing with uses tactics of misrepresentation of the competitive product, unsupported claims of “scam” or what’s very prevalent on the internet today, negative comments, don’t go there!

      I’m not saying that your own perspective should ignore comments, testimonials, or claims casting negatively on your consideration. What I am saying is do your own due-diligence before you buy. In doing so, you might find it entirely contrary to what the supposed internet guru marketing genius would have wanted me to believe.

     One way or another, the competitors are always “assessing” based on their own “experience” or “expertise” -of which most of them actually never had! Trust your own perspective.



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