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Chromium Picolinate | What To Know

Chromium Picolinate Shows Metabolic Function Benefits!

Chromium Picolinate _SOLGAR Chromium Picolinate 500MCG_hi-health

Let’s talk about Chromium Picolinate! Or more accurately, chromium as picolinate. Typically, the elements together make it sound as if the two are but one. It’s more common to find supplement companies marketing it as chromium picolinate and not just chromium.

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Valentines Day Origin | Brief Review

Valentines Day Origin _The Story of Valentine's DayValentines Day Origin Might Surprise!

As one legend has it, Valentines Day origin is rooted in an ancient Roman festival known as Lupercalis. Lupercalis or Lupercalia was actually known as a “Wolf Festival” among the non-Christianized populous. The roman pagans of the day celebrated this festival in a much different way than today’s sweets and cupids reveal. 

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Pomegranate Health Benefits | Studies Reveal

Pomegranate Health Benefits Show Far-Reaching Affect!

Pomegranate Health Benefits -image_UniScienceGroup

Pomegranate health benefits are often ignored or vastly overlooked! Considered to be a “superfood” by many reputable scientists, pomegranate health benefits far outweigh any side-effects a given individual may experience.

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Hemp Oil Health Benefits | Essential Acids

Hemp Oil Health Benefits _Herbal-RemediesHemp Oil Health Benefits Derive Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp oil health benefits far outweigh the risks associated with it. According to studies published by the University of Maryland Medical Center, it is critical for the human body to have the proper ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids.

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Saw Palmetto | Prostate Health Research

Research Shows Saw Palmetto Extract is Beneficial

Saw Palmetto Extract _NOW_Saw Palmetto Extract   Saw Palmetto extract has been in the forefront with researchers and the public alike in every day conversations among those who are concerned about prostate health issues.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits | It’s All About Purity!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits | Purity Counts!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits -ARGENTINA green olives

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil health benefits have long been touted. Particularly in promoting heart health. But this topic never really grabbed my attention.

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Grammarly Back-to-School Spells Success | Latest Study

Grammarly Back-to-School Grammarly Back-to-School Study Shows Promising Success

Taking Grammarly back-to-school with you this year spells success! That according to the latest Grammarly back-to-school study results.

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Anti Inflammatory Reishi | Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Anti inflammatory Reishi MushroomAnti inflammatory Reishi Proves Effective, Natural Relief!

   Why anti inflammatory Reishi? The Reishi mushroom has been in use for over 4,000 years as a medicinal herb. It is found in the same family as the fungi credited for saving hundreds of millions of lives. That fungi is commonly known to us as penicillin.