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Bogus Review FTC Crackdown | Perspective

    Bogus Review _Email Scam -Rip Offs  Bogus Review Crackdown Appearance

       The FTC [Federal Trade Commission] Bogus Review Crackdown seems to be in full swing. If you have paid much attention at all, by now it’s most certainly likely you are fully aware of the FTC’s bogus review crackdown on vendor websites that use false reviews, testimonials or endorsements coming at us in various form. All in an effort at selling us something that doesn’t, nor will ever, produce the results for which you, the consumer was hoping for.  

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Scorpions for Breakfast | Sizzling Hot

Scorpions For Breakfast -Gov. Jan Brewer  Scorpions For Breakfast Review

     Scorpions for Breakfast, Governor Janice K. Brewer’s new book released November 1, 2011, is stirring up the heat and getting things sizzling hot! The  greeting on the Mesa, Arizona tarmac didn’t go so well. Well, maybe for her book. It could have been the heat. Or it could have been the “heat” over her book that, according to its author, Governor Jan Brewer, is all about her personal battle with President Obama

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Guru Marketing | Scams Online

Guru Marketing Scams Clutter Internet Shopping

Guru Marketing Scams

So here’s a perspective on assumed guru marketing scams; they all have something to sell you! From a shopper’s perspective, all self-proclaimed internet guru marketers want to sell you something that benefits only themselves in one way or another.

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Victory For-Now | Protect-IP-Act, SOPA

Victory -Protect-IP-Act, SOPA -Victory-for-Now -CBSNews PIPA, SOPA   PIPA, SOPA Acts | Victory For Now

    On Friday, January 20th, 2012, “victory” became us! The “internet” rose up and raised a voice of unprecedented levels to stop both the Protect-IP-Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) from being enacted as law, both of which introduced suppression of the innovation that has been birthed by the internet as we know it today.

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Protect-IP-Act S.968 | Not This Act | Perspective

Protect-IP-Act -anti-protect-ip-act -ERROR   Protect-IP-Act Perspective

     With the Protect-IP-Act, the free-enterprise marketplace finds itself under attack again! This time by The Protect Intellectual Property Act (S.968), more commonly known as Protect-IP-Act.

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Shoppers Briefer | Consumer Blog

Shoppers Briefer -Avatar Shoppers Briefer Introduction 

    Shoppers Briefer wants to say Hello World! Today, Friday, January 13th, 2012 is “Launch Day” for this “shopper’s briefer” blog site. Previously an insurance agent, I’m an FAA Certified Private Pilot, a traveler to common and uncommon places alike, always looking for the next adventure, and a consumer who loves snowboarding in the back country deep pow, fly-fishing quiet streams, cycling the back roads, sailing in vast open waters, and golf on any other day. I’ve scaled Mount Whitney while en-route to completing the entire John Muir Trail with some of the greatest guys I could have ever had the opportunity to grow up with.